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Thursday, June 30, 2005

“Join the Dots”

i love how this song turned out, the song is dropped down 2 steps and i recorded them in stereo to fill them out. emer played violin on it, shes sucha a fantastic musician, i played the song for her a couple of times, she messed around, told me she was ready, pressed record and got it in the first take! (unfortunely we had re-record her tracks another day cos of a boo-boo i made, sorry emer!) her violin was 100 years old. shes in a band herself, swatting flies, check them out if they play by you!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

“Thank You for the Memories”

this song was written after i laid down the guitar for "Join the Dots" i had lyrics from another song already and added the "dream of you...." part to it, pretty much had the whole song written and recorded in 15mins. it is the newest song of the lot so far.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

“Save Your Breathe”

"Save Your Breathe"
this song is for Johnny Logan.

this song was so much fun to record! it started off as a serious singer-songwriter song, i played it a few times last summer with Ciara a girl from dublin with a beautiful voice who put some really nice harmonies over my insecure "does she like me or not" lyrics (arent all my lyrics about girls?) oddly enough the day i recorded the vocals with dave i meet up by chance with the girl the words are about. my friend asked me why are all my songs "so fucking depressing" so i was like right heres the cheeiest song ever! anyways Davy S from the very excellent Ryan Baileys provided backing vocals on this song. i wanted a choir effect on, 2 other singers were supposed to come up but they were busy kissing their girlfriends! ha! at one point there are 6 voices playing back. during the recording dav was always being dav and saying things in the background one of which was "johnny logan take me to the 80s" which i think is the funniest thing ive heard of 2005! ever time i listen to the song now i just laugh from start to finish!

Thursday, June 23, 2005


"overachieversdisscussionsandbruises" this was the first song i wrote when i came back from LA to ireland. i jammed this song with darren a few times and he put a really cool drum beat on it. i used a spanish guitar which was lying around in the music room in roco when i took to smash at the first isinglas when i was 17. taught id be shit hot smashing it, but i didnt in the end and it was gathering dust at home. let me explain the the first lyric in the song, i usually write the music first, then the words. in LA i didnt have a guitar for the first 6 weeks or a cd player so i was musicless! i started write lyrics on the back of envelopes and reciepts and i put them all into a copy. when i bought my guitar i started to use all these accumulated lyrics and by the end of the summer i had 30 songs written and i used up of of these lyrics except for the first line of overachieversdisscussionsandbruises.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

“Heres for the End of the World”

"Heres for the End of the World" was written last halloween the same day the isinglas song "either;way" was properly(that song was written in 3 seperate parts buts thats a diff story!) finished. i wanted to put a harmonica in it but its hard to get one in Bb. i used an accordian instead. i hope those high pitched noises in it annoy anyone! mike loved them! ha! mike really "filled" out the end of the song with his walking bass line. i think the end is a bit off time cos of the drum machine but hey, fuck it!

welcome and “collisions”

welcome to the site, let me explain the purpose it, of all the songs i write only about 1/4 get done with the band. this is for many reasons. mainly we dont have enough time also some songs wouldnt be very "isinglasy". but with this site, i wanna put the songs i record over the summer on it, so people can listen to them if they want. cos the band is on a break for the summer i still wanna do music stuff. mike came up the other day and recorded some bass parts for "heres for the end of the world" he really made the song better. i will explain what the first song i recorded is about:

"collisions" was written last summer in LA in the flat on sunset blvd, i was sitting on the amp jose gave me a loan and was messing around with chords, and the lads went off to ralphs to get food. when they came back i had the whole song written, i played it to them. i use an ebow on this song, which was fun, i mixed the guitars like on that song "glycerine" by bush. ive played this song a few times when i play solo shows. i would like if one day isinglas would get the chance do this song.