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Friday, September 30, 2005

Gig Story

"Fred Zeppelins"
Parliament Street
Supporting: Agro and Incident Room
my setlist tonite was:
2_les cloches sonnant et vous
3_save your breath(with dav)
5_Thirty-Three (Smashing Pumkins cover)
6_Echo Falls
7_wrestle me to the ground
8_classically in love
9_1200 Riverside Drive(with aiden)

thanks to mark whealan for getting me this gig! i started playing at 9 and there were hardly anyone there at that stage but i still enjoyed it! i could'nt hear davs rant in "save your breath" but i could hear people laughing so he must have been doing something good! aiden once again sounded brill for the last song. i was happy with my performance tonite and there was a good feeling. stoopid harmonica popped out of its holder for "classically in love"!! roll on the isinglas gigs.....

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

“Revenge of the Dancing Sea and Ocean (Demo)”

This is another song that was recorded the same as "Bareback", so like "Bareback" it is'nt really part of the Sessions but i said i'd include it cos it's one of the last songs that isinglas did before the summer, Simon did this really beautiful piano piece for it! I hope he remembers it! Ha! Anyways this the demo i recorded in my hallway. I entered it into a song compition and they practically laughed it away. Hopefully isinglas will get to record it in the future.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

“Aesop Said.....”

Isn’t it weird when you don’t see someone for 2 years and when talk to them after that time, nothing has changed? As in you can pick up from the last conversation. Yet there are other people you run into and you can’t think of a single thing to say?!! I ran into both of these cases tonite.

Anyways the song….

I was 22 years old 3 days ago, which means this song is 5 years old!! I cannot believe I was so young when I wrote this. I was 17 years old when I did. What happened was I wrote it in my "song folder" ( I have songs that are from 1996 in it!) and it some how got “lost” in the midst of the folder, behind an 18th birthday card I think it was. I was shuffling thru some old songs I had written when I was that age, laughing at how crap they were whenI stumbled across it! The next chance I got I recorded it. I didn’t change the song much since I wrote, is that a good or bad thing? It was fun to record cos I got to experiment with backing vocals, it funny how a simple backing vocal can change the feel of a song! Dav supplied the bass, cheers!

Someone told me this song sounds a like a song that would be on that O.C show, I didn’t know whether to be offended or not! I can’t possibly imagine all those beautiful people on the show surfing, hanging out at the mall or whatever they do with my song in the background…….how strange would that be?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

isinglas: Pallus Sinfony gig

isinglas: Pallus Sinfony gig
i was asked to support Incident Room and Agro on Wed the 28th of Sept at 8.30 in Fred Zeppelins, i think its free, come along if your bored!

Darren, Ian and Simon are back from abroad, Darren has broken is leg, so he is recovering in kerry, but the rest of us are throwing song ideas around, waiting for his return to cork soon!

hope everyone is enjoying college

Friday, September 02, 2005

Sweet 6teen

When I was sixteen my parents made me get a part-time job. I started to work in the local driving range (I had no interest in golf!) a couple of nights during the week. Suddenly I had all this money welling up and I started to buy up to 6 cds a week. Before this I had less than 6 cds in my collection and slowly but surely it started to grow.

I bought many different cds that people recommended them to me. I only really liked ¾ of what I bought, but I listened to the other ¼ to try to give it a chance, so I could give my opinion when people talked about them. Quickly enough, this ¼ was soon banished from my collection, I can’t even remember what I did with them! I also had this opinion (as every grunger teenager does at some stage) that if it didn’t have guitars in it, it was shit. I hope now those views have changed!

All I wore when I was sixteen for the entire year was a worn black pair of jeans that were too small for me, my tattered guns n’ roses t-shirt (which I still wear!) and a green army shirt that was again too small for me. I hadn’t grown into my body yet, I was awkward, had a big mouthful of braces and my feet and facial features were too big for my body. isinglas was just starting to “bear fruit”, jamming in the local scout hall once a week. Back in those days Paul Street in the city was the cool place to be. But I wasn’t cool enough to hang there. Or I didn’t know the right people.

But I didn’t care.

There was a gang of people in school that dyed there hair funny colours and were a pale as ghosts and I thought if I became friends with them, I would gain access to the “Cork Music Scene” which was predominantly metal bands. To attract attention to myself I decided that for the school paper I would do an article on one such metal band; “SludgeHook”. The bass player was in our school, so I interviewed him, I included pictures and guitar tabs on the page and typed it up real nice on my computer. Easter came, the paper was published and “the gang” didn’t blink an eyelid. No one cared. At this point I realised I didn’t need these people cause I was already perfectly content with the friends I had and also isinglas would be always be the “outside band” wherever we went.

But I don’t care!

I remember that Christmas a couple of friends and I went to a party in the local hotel. I suppose this was my first time “going out” so I decided to do it with a bang. I wore all black, nirvana t-shirt with “colourful words” on the back..........................and Tara’s black nail varnish. I can remember people’s faces as I was drinking my first pint (which I was totally sloshed on!!) when they saw my fingers, to all these people I was a freak and my plan was working. I guess at that point I got all my awkward teenage frustration out of the way and from then on I started to concentrate on being myself.